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How to change password of Symbios.com account? Best way with screenshots

Symbios is one of the top destinations when it comes to online shopping for Pakistani shopping enthusiasts. This modern E-commerce website is one of the most powerful single resource online websites to facilitate electronic shopping for Pakistani consumers. It is a Pakistani website with millions of rupees in annual turnover. There are great offers and best deals available for the customers. For shopping, you have to make an account carrying a unique password. You have to remember your login details while shopping. Changing password is a good habit as it prevents your account from the illegal activities which can prevent your account from hackers.

If you are interested in this site for shopping and you are facing problem regarding changing of password when you are logged into the account, then don’t worry. Here in this article below, you will find a step by step guide on how to change password of Symbios.com account.

You need to be logged into your account before attempting this tutorial.

Steps to change Symbios.pk account’s password

  1. Open the official website of Symbios i.e. www.symbios.pk and you will be greeted with a start page which will brief you about the website. You will find all the latest products being launched in the country as well as ongoing sales and promotional offers.How to change password of Symbios.com account
  2. Proceed to top right corner and click on the “Login” button.How to change password of Symbios.com account
  3. Enter your registered email id and password and then click on “Login” button to log in to your account.How to change password of Symbios.com account
  4. Now, in my account section, click on the “change your password” option.How to change password of Symbios.com account
  5. Now, enter the new password that you would like to keep for your Symbios.com account and then re-enter it for security purposes.How to change password of Symbios.com account
  6. You will get a notification saying that your password has been successfully changed.

These are the simple steps which you need to follow to change your password. If you still face any difficulties in the steps mentioned above then drop a comment in the comments section below and we will definitely help you out.  For any type of further information or support, you can contact their customer care executives at Symbios.pk customer care phone number.

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