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How to change Shoprex (shoprex.com) password? Best way with screenshots

Shoprex is one of the leading online stores in Pakistan. The website offers latest electronic appliances and fantastic men & women clothes online with just a click away and less time-consuming. This website grabs the best position due to its great offers and exciting deals which attract most of the customers. For shopping, you have to make an account carrying a special password. Changing password is a good habit as it prevents your account from the illegal activities which are prevented from the hackers,

If you are facing problem in changing the Shoprex account password, then we are here to help you by guiding you steps below which help you to change Shoprex account’s password. Always remember to be logged in to your Shoprex account before attempting this guide. As there is no mobile app launched by the company yet, so this procedure will be only for the website. With these simple four steps, once can easily change the password of Shoprex account. Moreover, if any customer is facing issues related to the company and their services, they can contact the customer service department at Shoprex customer care number.

  1. Open the official website of Shoprex i.e. Shoprex.com and you will be greeted with a start page. On their homepage, product categories and popular products are available.
    How to change Shoprex account's password?
  2. At the top, click on “My Account”. Login with your Shoprex login credentials. Here you can see a number of options related to your Shoprex account.
    Shoprex login page
  3. In My Account section, click on “Change Password”.
  4. Now, enter your current password and then a new password for your account. Retype your new password and click on “Submit”. Always remember this password for your future use.
  5. Your password is successfully changed. We recommend the users of Shoprex to regularly change the password for account security reasons.

These are the simple steps which you need to follow to update your Shoprex account’s password

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