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How to reset Shophive.com account’s password? Best way with screenshots

E-commerce has been a boon to Pakistani shoppers where users can order products with just a few clicks on their computer/mobile. There are a lot of companies that provide e-commerce services in Pakistan and Shophive.com is one of the top rated ones. They offer high-quality products in categories ranging from mobiles, tablets, laptops, computers, cameras, TV, audio products, video games, appliances, home accessories, lifestyle, and much more. Shophive also has good return policies where users can return or exchange their products with a 7 days money back guarantee. Timely deliveries and faster shipping speeds are the main reasons that a lot of people prefer this website over others.

If you want to shop on Shophive.com you need an account. In some cases, users don’t remember the password to their account and you need to recover them. That is exactly what we are going to discuss in this article. Here, we are sharing a step by step guide on how to recover your password for Shophive.com account.

You need to have access to your registered email address for a successful recovery of your password.

Steps to reset Shophive.com account’s password

  1. Enter the URL www.shophive.com in your web browser and it will redirect to their official website. This beautiful page will tell you about the latest launches and the products which are on offers and sale.how to recover password for shophive.com account
  2. Click on the login button on top right corner in top header.how to recover password for shophive.com account
  3. On the login page, click on forgot your password button.how to recover password for shophive.com account
  4. Enter the email address that was registered with your Shophive account and click on submit button.how to recover password for shophive.com account
  5. They will send an email to your mail. Open the mail and click on the link provided in it.how to recover password for shophive.com account
  6. Enter the new password which you would like to keep for your shophive.com account and then click on reset password button.how to recover password for shophive.com account

These are the simple steps which you need to follow to recover password for shophive.com account. If you face any difficulties then drop them down in comments below and we will try to help you out. In case you remember the password and want to change it then check out our other article here.

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