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Nawaz Sharif, Hon’ble Prime Minister of Pakistan. His full name is Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. He born on 25 December 1849 at Lahore city in Pakistan. He belongs to Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, among most popular Political Party of India. Mr. Muhammad Sharif is his father’s name. He completed his graduation from Government College University, Lahore. Kalsoom Nawaz Sharif is the name of Mr. Sharif’s wife. The couple has two daughters Maryam Nawaz & Asma Nawaz and one son, Hussain Nawaz Sharif. On 28th July 2017, Nawaz Sharif was disqualified from the Prime Minister post due to Panama Paper controversy.
Maryam Nawaz Contact Details

Nawaz Sharif Contact Details

Nawaz Sharif Office Address: House # 20-H, Street # 10, F-8/3 Islamabad, Pakistan {PML(N)}
Nawaz Sharif Office Phone Number : +92-300-5012345 {PML(N)
Nawaz Sharif Office Fax Number: n/a
Nawaz Sharif Official Email ID[email protected], [email protected] {PML(N)}
To contact Mr. Nawaz Sharif, you can follow above mentioned contact details of PML(N). For any issues make contact on these ways and talk with his officials.

Nawaz Sharif Official Website

Prime Minister’s Office Contact Details
Apart from that, you can also contact the Prime Minister’s office.

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Twitter Handle: n/a
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        1. nawaz uncle ap ny acha ni kya ais bar 1st year ka result acha ni aya or ap ny ais k about koi action ni lia 100000 bachu ki future ka masla ha or sub hamat har gy ha ap plz result ki date agay kray 1st year ka plz plz……………..

    1. To,
      Mr. Nawaz Shareef and your family,
      With due respect,
      I want to give you zakat of my family. App ki bhook khatam nai hu rahi. Jitna paisa app k pass hai pakistan lao else you are eligible to take zakat.
      And Miss maryam, Please apna name ee badal loo. You have a nice name people want to abuse you.

    2. Aslamulaikum
      KPK /Federal mai Mukhtalif Project empoly hai ju arsaa daraaz sy Project mai apni Duty anjaam dy rahy hai awr Regularaization ky antizaar mai apny Departments mai orage huchuky hai Sir Aap ky sewa enka awar koye asra nahe.Allah ky Raham awar aap ky Raham ky entizaar mai hai. sir aap ni ju regularization ka elaan ke hai agaar hum sab KPK/Federal wali ju Project mai kaam karty hai Regular hujayi Tu Inshallah Ham Pehli be aap ky saath ty ao saam milgar tamam ki tamam KPK wali aap se Yakjahti ka Elaan krty hai.Ishallah

    3. May you and your family rot in hell Nawaz for depriving the poor people of Pakistan from the money you have embezzled

    4. One of the biggest corrupt PM in history of Pakistan. It’s high time crooks like you and your family face justice here and may you, your daughter & sons rot in hell in the next life. Your whole team have made a mockery of politics in Pakistan.

  1. Madam Maryam nawaz sharif rightly while charing a meeting in PM with cabinet minister PML.N spokes mans are totally failure to defence PM from media regarding panama leaks. Before this during Dharna programe also whole leadership failure to prove this anticonstitutional activites was lead by some invisible hand and same sitution was born when mushraf fly for Dubai who was behinde all this bloody game u can’t prove yourself inocent by the interior office even u can’t established on media that u r really holding foregin policy.very sorry to saying whole mulim league party does not have a single spoke man who proved Nawaz sharif goverment achivements. Only I can prove and this all stupid media against pakistan soldarity and pakistani constitution. I love Nawaz sharif and his goverment 03005440467. 03016266681

  2. Maryam nawaz sharif madam plz arranged a PML.N spokeman. To defend our beloved leader from this bloody anarchist media 03005440467.

  3. Sir i am retired from bank service and my wife is on the job. while son is electical Engineer is jobless we always prey for you and your family.if you want to compete with imran khan then give tickets to young outspoken competent and besharam.You have all aged serious respectable men in your party who are not fit for the jobs mean in procession evening talk shows and many other
    besharam.You have all aged serious and respetable people.who fail to their

    1. Salam..sir plz meri help kren mere husband ki job khatm hogae he or hum rent per rehte hen ab hamare lye buhat mushkil ho raha he sir ghar chalana plz sir meri request he ap se k mere husband kuch karobar krna chahat hen us k lye humy paison ji help chahiye tk k hamara ghr acha chal saky me ap ki buhat shuker guzar rahungi sir plz help me mjhe ap k be sabri se in-car raheen ap k ans ka..thnx

    Who will take care of labour (Guard and other workers) working for 12 hours particularly in all Security organizations, Karachi, Pakistan ( only for salary Rs. 12-13 thousand per month) with no weekly holiday, please check on phone on any security company. And in all chain of Super Store/markets, taking 12-14 hours duty with probable weekly holidays / or somewhere none, for only 15,000/- rupees. This not only affect on mind of the workers but they are mentally abnormal, that is why cases of shooting from one Guard to another has happened, or killing an innocent boy in Karachi happened recently.
    Who will take care for implementing labour laws in Pakistan? Government is sleeping and military are also sleeping. What we will do with the so called democracy, if there is no facilities being provided to people rather looting the country and laundring money everyday for which they have made channel on airport, as Ayan Ali is only one there are various and Asim Hussain in only one there are various – Why military are not taking any action. Where we are heading?
    Moreover, in all the industries in Karachi and generally in Pakistan, labourers are working through Contractors and they are not paying what government has fixed the salary for them, nor any benefits are given to them since they are the Contractor’s employee.
    Who will take care of all these garbage, or labourer should start joining ( ISIS ) – as they are giving 50,000 rupees per month, it is better to join them and either live with dignity or die with dignity. Then who is responsible for pushing people towards ISIS, What the present thief / dacoit government are doing. What the ILO is contributing towards these issues, which is very critical and severe issues as on hand people are getting salary in millions and on the other hand laborers and lower middle class are deprived from their food even. More than half of population is living below the poverty line, if on poverty, food two times, if below than poverty mean food one time only. Who care?
    As this government is itself brutal and not taking any single step for common man, on the one hand electricity bill are making life miserable on the other hand various dearness, amalgamation in the eating materials/food items, either raw or cooked one and so on – every day media is reporting. Who will take care of these issues?
    It is very obvious that government is not serious to solve the grievances of the common man, and pushing common man towards disastrous, making society to fight each other and lawlessness and to creating themselves terrorists. If someone is hungry and there is no other source of income upto how many times he will be hungry – at one stage he will start whatever either ISIS or any groups ask him to do?
    Government itself wish to create the economic disastrous, creating artificial dearness and making people jobless and not acting for creating jobs for the people or stipend to youngsters and above 50 of age people to relief them as Government is taking everyday loan for almost 6 billion – reported by media.
    Its mean government is pushing people themselves towards ISIS and towards crime, then what is the fault of the innocent people. As this is the responsibilities of Government to either resolve the issues or quit but they are so son of beach, bastered making life miserable, they even do not wish to quit after PANAMA leaks.
    These Zardari and Nawaz and their elite class alliance, have created economic vacuum, moreover on their head FUEDALS are sitting and capturing on Pakistani poltiics and industries and lands, who will take care and correct? Even they do not feel shame seems they are BAGAIRAT or more bad words for them but not only words or sentences, they liable to be killed and hanged in front of people. If a REVOLUTION start, it will be the first priority of the people.
    They have ruined our country, as country is from people, if people are hungry and crying, then country can not be called a strong country or atomic power, does not matter how military is stronger! as we have seen Rusia.
    As far as our military is concerned, they are just watching and doing nothing in this regard, their motherland are being raped by certain quarters and they are saying that we are saving Pakistan by terrorist, who terrorists – defined it, This is Government, who is responsible as mentioned above. Government are looting country, are they not terrorist? They are looting in billions – as reportedly 6 billions are being taken loan everyday mean 180 billion per months where this amount is going – public are not benefited from this money.
    Thus, world must call our Government terrorist and not poor people who are going after the terrorists for not getting food, shelter, water, electricity and after all job problems. What anyone can do, if he is hunger by three days? There is only alternative.
    Jamal uddin Sheikh
    Cell – 03012854645

    1. Aslamulaikum
      KPK /Federal mai Mukhtalif Project empoly hai ju arsaa daraaz sy Project mai apni Duty anjaam dy rahy hai awr Regularaization ky antizaar mai apny Departments mai orage huchuky hai Sir Aap ky sewa enka awar koye asra nahe.Allah ky Raham awar aap ky Raham ky entizaar mai hai. sir aap ni ju regularization ka elaan ke hai agaar hum sab KPK/Federal wali ju Project mai kaam karty hai Regular hujayi Tu Inshallah Ham Pehli be aap ky saath ty ao saam milgar tamam ki tamam KPK wali aap se Yakjahti ka Elan krty hai.


  6. call me urgent india mumbai tell ramiz raja wasim akram javed miadad to call me dont forget 2004 meeting at andheri west mumbai with uday kini music mixing hemant seth office

  7. i am a Malaysian who has family in Pakistan. I love Pakistan and would love to see Pakistan progress. I feel the present PM is making a difference in the progress and development of Pakistan. Instead of criticizing him he should be assisted and given a chance to develop Pakistan.Malaysia really developed when Dr Mahathir lead the country for four terms. It really saddens me to see the squabbling and arguments in this country which are unproductive and against progress. Wish I could do something to make a difference!

  8. Sir we are prye of you and your family always we are belong to one village and our village full Address is a (distt:Rawalpindi,Teh,Gujarkhan,Village kot paswal post office Sukho panjab pakistan) sir,from our village make Requist to you please your some personal server teme send in our village and he looking position of our village and we are promis with you after looked the report sir maybe you,r caring and maybe nexid day you,r visit to in our village sir in our village street walking way and other lot of other problem which is I can write in this aaplication or Requist if you send some person and he is report to you that is true thank you sir, god balace you god give you power about sol the our village problem OK sir

  9. Assalam o alaikum sir Mera Name Hasnain Abbas Hai main Bahut Ghareb hon sir Mujhe much imdad chahiye this Maine apni mama Ka operation karwana hai un k peat men rasoli hai Doctor 50-000 Hazar mangte gain sir plez Madad Karen den contect Number 0346-7134886 UBL Account Number 226133184

  10. Dear Sir,
    I am Nayab Faisal D/o Zafar Ahmed,I recently applied to SBP for the position of OG1 officer, I did all Eligibility criteria, but yesterday i following up of my application but issue has been raised that they want 24 years as on last date of submission of application to SBP BSC, age limit shall be relaxed by 03 years for candidates from FATA, northern Areas/Gilgit Baltistan, Balochistan and Azad Kashmir. I live in karachi -sindh and My age is 25 Years with 6 years banking experience, i need this job due to my financial issues and am reaching out to you to ask for your help.
    Looking forward to hear from you soon.
    Nayab Faisal
    Contact # 0332-2558609

  11. بخدمت جناب پرائم منسٹر پاکستان اسلام اسلام
    جناب عالی
    گزارش یہ ہے کہ میں 2016_05_01 کو میں بھریڑی اڈہ چوک پرمحمد حسیب ولد حبیب بھٹہ کی دوکان پر گوشت لینے گیا تو مجھے 280 روپے کلو گوشت دیا گیا میں نے کافی تکرار کی کہ گوشت دو سو سے لیکر دو سو بیس یا تیس روپے پر کلو گوشت ہے لیکن میری بات کو تسلیم نہیں کیا بڑی مشکل سے مجھے 280 روپے فی کلو گوشت دیا سبزی چکن گوشت کی دوکان والے من مانے ریٹ وصول کر رہے ہیں کوئی پوچھنے والا نہیں ہے آج تک کسی محکمہ کے افسران بالا نے مارکیٹ میں ریٹ چیک کرنے کے لیے چکر تک نہیں لگایا جس کی وجہ سے من مانے ریٹ وصول کیے جا رہے ہیں اور غریب عوام کو دھڑا دھڑ لوٹ رہے ہیں میری آپ سے پر زور اپیل ہے کہ روزانہ کی بنیاد پر مارکیٹ کو چیک اور زائد پیسے وصول کرنے والے دوکاندار کا چلان کیا جائے تاکہ آئیندہ کوئی زائد پیسے وصول کرنے کی جرات نہ کرے شکریہ
    العارض منیر احمد کھوکھر جنرل کونسلر یونین کونسل 83 ستاں تھل پوسٹ آفس بھریڑی تحصیل اٹھارہ ہزاری ضلع جھنگ
    موبائل فون نمبر1 0346447776


    1. A.o.A sir i m nazo nd gragution countnue in bsc i want a laptop so plzz give mee nd khty hn sachy dil se Jo chaho wo hota h lakin yhn Asa kch ni h q k jb b job ati hnn any se phly bik jati hnn so plz ap ghor kren or

      1. nazo yaha kuch bi bina note k nahi milta mein ne bi bht koshsh ki par ya sub loot ne k ia hain logo ki help k lia nahi ALLAH TALA ne farmaya th jub qayamat qareeb hoge ma tm pa ayse hukmaran bejho ga jis se tm khud tang ajao ga its true aj pata lag raha hai….

  13. Aslam o Alikum Sir.
    I Hope you find this message in best of your health, wealth and prosperity. I am sorry for what I am going to say you but it’s a reality and you are responsible for all these dishonesties and uncertainties occurring in our country specially with respect to our province of Punjab I strongly protest and lot of objurgating’s on you and your government and policy makers. My father had been died since 1998 I was 7 year old my mother is a teacher my father left 6 acre Agricultural land and It is still occupied by my grand uncle and none of Pakistani law or policy was made for us which could helped us to reclaimed the property left by my father (late). My mother worked very hard and meet all my studies expenses along with maintenance of households etc. now she is going to retire and she is seriously ill and weakens day by day, she withstand all my study expenses which includes my primary, secondary, higher secondary, Graduation, Masters and M.phil levels. My previous degree was of Doctor of Pharmacy (5 years) when I saw that no government job would be offered to me I changed my field and done M.Sc in Biochemistry followed by M.Phil in Biochemistry with distinction in my university. I heard through a friend about a job and applied for school educator’s job in district Khanewal, NTS was pre-requisite for the said job. I was only one male candidate among 23 lacs population of district khanewal who passed the exam and also having prescribed qualification for the post of SSE chemistry (secondary school educator BPS-16). Ignorant, illiterate and vulgar officers and policy makers are appointed by you who have not ever listen about these degrees and objected on having the bachelor degree of Pharm-D (Doctor of Pharmacy). They said that I have to reproduce only and degree in front of them not these rubbish Pharm-D, Biochemistry and M.Phil Biochemistry degrees. According to policy in Chemistry or Biochemistry can apply for the post of SSE (Chemistry) and I submitted the degrees of M.Sc. and M.Phil. in Biochemistry to them but they denied to accept my application last date of application submission has been passed by them and 28 may 2016 is the last date for Interviews kindly If you could help me in this matter please help me or if you could not grant me any favor, please these degrees are garbage, please restrict these degrees programs in Universities all over Pakistan. I have spent a lot of money to obtain these degrees. None of these degrees let me able to secure a job I am second Position holder also, I just want to support my mother by earning some money but all are inefficient and unprofitable to me just due to your government policy makers. Please kill me in punishment of such out speaking I have no more patience to survive.

  14. Sir i am a poor education is B.a. I have tried many time for job,but i cant get a job.plz help me.give me a job in any govt insitiute.ALLAH APko lambi umar cell 03016775928

  15. بخدمت جناب وزیراعظم نواز شریف صاحب حکومت پاکستان اسلام آباد
    عنوان برائے درخواست اشد ضرورت میٹھا صاف پانی
    گزارش ہے کہ اکیسویں صدی میں جہاں انسان صاف پانی خرید کر بھی پیتا ہے وہیں زمینی پانی نمکین زھریلا ھونے کی وجہ سےضلع جھنگ تحصیل اٹھارہ ہزاری کے گاؤں چک نبر 11 پکا مہران۔کچا مہران۔ ٹھنڈا۔ تین چار آبادیوں کے لوگ کم از کم چھ سات ہزار افراد جوہڑ اور گندے تالابوں سے پانی پینے پر مجبور ہیں جس کی وجہ سے دانے پھوڑے پھنسیاں ھیپاٹائٹس جیسی مخ تلف موزی امراض پھیل رھی ھیں انسان تو انسان ساتھ میں جانوروں کے پانی پینے کی جگہ بھی وہی ہے یہاں انسانی زندگی تو کیا لوگ جانوروں سے بھی بدتر زندگی گزارنے پر مجبور ہیں صاف اور میٹھا پانی چودہ سے پندرہ کلومیٹر دور فاصلے پر ہے خواتین اور بچوں کو صاف پانی لانے کےلیے کھوتا گاڑی پر پورا دن لگ جاتا ہے لوگ گھروں کو تو کھولا رکھتے ہیں لیکن پانی کی ٹینکی کو تالا لگا دیتے ہیں میٹھا صاف پانی نہ ہونے کی وجہ سے زہریلا پانی پینے سے اموات واقع ہو رہی ہیں پانی کی عدم دستیابی کی وجہ سے کسی وقت تو یہ بھی ہوتا ہے کہ میت مردے کو غسل دینے کے لیے بروقت پانی دستیاب نہیں ہوتا جو مردے کو غسل دینا انتہائی مشکل ہو جاتا ہے ہم کافی عرصہ سے درخواستیں دے رہے ہیں کوئی شنوائی نہیں ہو رہی کاپی درخواست ہزا کے ساتھ لف ہے ھماری اپ سے پر زور اپیل ھے کہ محکمہ پنجاب صاف پانی کمپنی کو احکامات صادر فرمائے جائیں کہ میھٹے پانی کا واٹر فلٹریش پاور پلانٹ جلد از جلد پکا مہران۔کچا مہران۔ٹھنڈا میں لگایا جائے تاکہ غریب عوام اس عظیم نعمت سے مستفید ہوں
    منیر احمد جنرل کونسلر ولد نبی بخش کھوکھرستاں تھل پوسٹ افس بھریڑی تحصیل اٹھارہ ھزاری ضلع جھنگ فون نبر 03008870820

  16. Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
    Prime Minister
    Islamic Republic of Pakistan,
    Attention: Mrs Maryam Safdar (MARYAM NAWAZ)
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am Muhammad Javed Akhter is praying for you sir as I done my open heart Surgery only in 36 years and now I am 47.I now this operation is complicated and dangerous life and death and how the patient suffered with pain due to stitches.May Allah bless you with long life.
    Sir/Madam I was employee of Wapda as Assistant Electrical Engineer / Junior Engineer in NGPS Piranghaib Multan but in 2008 I was suffered heart pain and Wapda Hospital Multan reffered me to Wapda Complex Lahore for further treatment and heart specialist lahore admitted me in ICU and further give me rest for curring as my heart surgery was done earlier so could not join the office and send one month E/L but RE piranghaib did,t considered and forwarded my case of termination to CEO Muzaffargarh.
    CEO terminated and I send appeal to GM Thermal and he also turned down.Later I came Saudi Arabia for earning and I did for 6 year but now I am not continue as my heart efficiency only 20% to 30% and now I am jobless since 6 months.
    Sir, I serve for Wapda 17 years and it is unfair to kick some one.I am only earner of my family and having 6 dependents and if I could not cure than my family on road.
    My application and Medical Certificates attached herewith.The complete file could be get from CEO Muzafargarh
    Sir, I and my family will pray for you and family
    1.Application to state Minister
    3.Medical Reports
    4.Appeal/Termination Letter
    Best Regards
    Muhammad Javed Akhter

  17. I’m ghulam yasin frome Sargodha I want personal email ID of Muhammad shahbaz sharif please sent me

    1. Assslamualaikum respected sir my name is mazhar rasheed district haripur hazara and i was join KPK Police department. and now my duty is in Police Training College hangu. i want transfer to FIA Islamabad. please help me i have no Strong recommendation because my Partner says that for that transfer you must need aa strong recommendation. plz plz help me for that i will pray for you and your family in my hole life,

  18. asslam o alaikum sir allah tala apko sehat tandrusti atta farmaye sir meri ap se ak request hai mery abu jan tango se mazoor hain kam nahi kar sakty rehny k liye apna zati ghar bhe nahi karaye k makaan par rehty hain our karaye buhat zeada hain hum nahin se sakty ghar ka guzar basar buhat mushkil se ho raha hai meharbani farma kar hamari help kijiye rahny k liye ghar dilwa dijiye hum buhat shukar guzar hon gy apky shukriya

  19. Assalam o alaikum sir! Respected sir please tell me when will new scheme of apni gari apna kaam 2016 will be start? Please sir reply me..Thanks

  20. Aoa.. Sir meri ye requst hy k wah cantt k and jo har gali muhaly mn school coleg open ho gy hyn in ka sakhty se jaiza lia jae kyu k yahn student se pesy ziada liye jaty hyn aur teachers ki pay na huny k equal hy .. Gareeb logu ka khun chuss lety hy private coleg r school waly.. Aur sab se bari bt ye hy k tamam colegs k head apas m tehh kr chuky hyn k university of wah k ksi student ko teaching nhi dyn gyn .. Agr uni of wah ki degree valid nhi tou hum jesy gareebu ne wah parh k kya gunah kr dia hy .. Ye tou hmary maa bap ko pta hy jinhu ne uni of wah le degree k liye b kitna pesa lgya hy r mehnat hum ne ki hy ub hum in degrees ko jala dyn kya.. Kahen koi job nhi milti..
    Ap se requst hy k plz ik dafa lazmi ghour frmaen..

  21. A-O-A SIR!
    i am the student of bscs at Information technology university, arfa software technology park. i am belongs to very poor family. i didn’t pay fee from 4th semester and now me in 6th semester. my finals will be start on 27 june. so if didn’t pay fee then i am not allowed to sit in exams. please sir help me .i need your help please please. please reply me in my email.

  22. Sr. Meri AK wish hy men Pakistan kaliye apni Jan qurban krna chahta hon sr.Meri wish hy men Pakistan army men Jana chahta hon I have confidence but I have only middle qualification but men study kr raha hon and I’m 20 year old sr plz help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzz contac me 03427667693

  23. Aoa
    Mery father ki death ho chuki hai mein nay job karny ki bhut try ki liken muje job nahi mile plz kindly aap muje kise govt betulmal santazar mein lagawa de
    Mein or mery ghar Waly bhut shukar gozar ho gay
    From. Sameera
    City .sialkot
    Context no.03040604071

  24. pakistan main koi kanon nhi .awam sirf 1 dusray k sath lar jaghar kr chop ho jati hai.Gareeb ki koi nhi sunta .Paisay sy sub koch ho jata hai.Insaf krny wala edara (cort) juuj 2000 main gunahgar ko begunah krta hai.pakray janay pr police 5000 main chor deta main pehchan kaam aati hai.wardat k baad police aati hai.

  25. Chat conversation start
    meri ap sy guzaris hy k my allah dad calony okara my ryhta ho okara my allah dad calony,rehmancalony.kalo blak,saith calony,gafoor calony or bhi boooooooooooooooooht si jaghy asi hy jha 24 ghanty pani kra rehta hy yha ky konsler abas ali jat sahib bhi kuch nhi krty TMA ko bhi sikayat darg ki kuch nhi hova riyaz ul haq jaj sahab bhi kuch nhi kr rhy syhriyo ko boooooooooht takleef ka samina krna prta hy ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………ab ap sy madad mangny k ilava ko rasta nhi to ap ko msg kr rha ho mhr bani frma kr ap kuch kry\

  26. dear sir,
    nishtar hospital multan me jo staff nurses ki vaccancies fill hue ha in month june 2016 woh merit base pe nh ho rhe sir yh na insafi ha me.kahte to ha k yh apointment merit base pa hn ge darasal aisa nh hua sir ap se guzarish ha k insaf kari

  27. جناب محترم میاہ نواز شریف صاحب
    وزیر اعظم پاکستان اسلام آباد
    اسلام علیکم
    جناب وزیر اعظم میں نے آپ کے ای میل ایڈریس پر ایک گزارش درخواست بھیجی تھی جس میں کچھ عرض اور گزارشات کیے ہیں مگر تاحال کوئی خاطر خواہ جواب مجھے نہیں دی گئی۔جب آپ ہماری
    التجا اور گزارشات کو نگاہ کرم نہیں کریں گے تو پھر ہم کدھر جائیں کس کے دروازے کٹ کھٹائیں۔
    اللہ تعالی آپ کا محفظ اور نگہبان ہو
    امید کرتا ہوں آپ اللہ کے فضل و کرم سے کچھ سنوائی ضرور کریں گے
    درخواست گزار
    نزیر احمد داود
    گوادر پاکستان

  28. Nawaz sharef sahab….
    Mara name Minahil ha ma bohat he middle class family sa hu… Ma na school join kiya tha Or matric tak be GI lakin matric nai kar saki… Paiso ka na ho hona ki vaja sa ma kise accadmey ko be join nai kar paid bohat koshish ki ka mayabi mila kuch ni hova…. English ma nakam he rah gi…. Gar ka halat or sa or kharab hota gay ajj tak kharab ha aga bharta bharta nakam hona bohat dukh ki bat hoti ha main serf ya chahti hu ka ma study phir sa start karu lakin nai kar pa rahe… Ap sa guzarish ha ka muja ab kam ki bohat zarorat ha lakin gar vala khta ha ka jin larkio ka pas digress na ho unha bahir gandi nazroo sa dakha jata ha….. Ap plz kuch na sahi to plz itni se bat man la….. Muja bahir ka mulk study ka liya bej da…. Or us ka kharcha plz ap kar da….. Ap sa bohat umed sa ya sab bola ha request samj LA ta ka ma apna gar valo ko kuch na sahi thora bohat spot kr saku….. My contact number is 03314584214

  29. Hello Sir/M’am,
    With respect my name is Muhammad Taimoor-ul-Hassan. I am from Pakistan in Gujranwala city. My age is 25 year old. I was student of business studies so complete our education. I am very honest,able and trustable parson.
    I want started a transport travel business(City To City) in Pakistan. I have needed some vehicles for started transport travel business, but no money in my hand and not i have in bank account, I have needed finance loan almost 100,000.00$ (one hundred thousand dollar). I have a very good successfull business Plan only.
    Therefore, I contact you for Loan. I have need your financial loan help so tell me all details,terms and all about as please tall me all emails and also tell me how can received Loan amount and how I can Return Loan amount installment? This is my mail address. I am awaiting your reply…!
    God blessing You.
    M. Taimoor.

  30. Please Help & Investigate the Mishandling in Dannish School Scholarship for Poor Students of Balochistan, during the admission 2016.

  31. Asslam o Alikum sir
    mera name madeeha h. mne M.A Economics kia h. Or mere marks 56.36 h. Muje laptop ki bht zrurt h mere marks kam h jis k waja sy mai laptop hnsil nai kr pai. mai ghar men beth kr job krna chahti hun kch problm h, jis k liye muje laptop ki bht zrurt h. plz muje laptop dy. plz sir muje bht bht zrurt h. mai kisi k ghar a kr ap ko txt kr rhi hun. i hope ap meri feeling ko smje gy.
    Allah hafiz

  32. To,
    The Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shareef
    The Prime Minister of Pakistan
    I S L A M A B A D.
    Respected Sir,
    With due respects and humble submission I Sikandar Ali S/O Syed Ahmed Ali Shah of city Larkana beg to stat in respect of subject above that being poor men I am unable to take regular treatment and also residing in the rented house.
    It is therefore requested your good self to focus your valuable attention in the matter resolve my genuine grievances for the grant of compensation.
    I have been every hope that your kind enough will consider my request on humanitarian grounds for the bestowal of compensation for the purpose of House to provide veil and wall to parda Nasheen Sadat family for which.
    I/we shall involve your kind benediction
    Thanking you sir,
    (Sikandar Ali Shah) C/O Syed Shahid Hussain,
    H/No:A-86 Shaikh Zaid Colony,
    Near Muhammad Ayaz Soomro,
    MNA House Larkana

  33. A.o.a Sir my name is abdullah ashraf..
    Sir mery father ki death ho gai hai or hum 2bhi hain towns. 18 sal ho gay hain mery father ki death ko tb sy hum 2 bahiyon or meri ami ko gahr sy nikal diya gaya tub sy hum ko humary mamo pal rahy hain sir hum boht gareeb hain sir plz humari madad karin allah pak ap ko humisha kush rahky or ap ko lambi umar ata kay ameen soma ameen
    My mobile number=03248709495. 03484477660

  34. First I wanna to tell you Asslamo Alaikum to our honourable leader. Feeling very proud to have a carefull leader like you. I am a student of bss and I wanna to tell u that ”let the haters hate! but you don’t have to take tension of them because you know and we all know that you was a good leader, you are a leader and you will a good leader”
    Always be happy.

  35. Sir mn berozgar hn pehle mn primary teacher tha jo k pppp walon ne hata dia
    Sir ap ko iltaja krta hn k mujhe nokri di jae kuda k siwa koi sapot nai.
    ALLAH ap ko abad kre Ameen

  36. the Pulkhoi river flows through Sialkot city ask tanners not too pollute as fish is dead and people drinking dirty water

  37. Sir my name Zeeshan Sabir.I am master level student of degree. I am disable person. My disability reason of polio.I belong to poor family and i am single source of my family member income. but i can’t any job.Kindly please give me a respectable job in private and Gov jobs in Gujranwala.Because i am married person and please arrange my job because i am left the disability of my life. Actual its your duty to give jobs to educated person but due to reference system we have to make alot of applications with dont trust of your feedback. But still hope of your answer my contact no 0312-6003492

  38. Plz helip me pm nawaz sharif youth b loin nic 4530263210851 branch n feroze sindh 0041PM000082 MOB 0307599612

  39. A.A sir may khalid ahmad khan lahore cantt rehaysi houn sir mayri ap say aik darkshat hay sir may bohat parashan houn q k mayray susral walon nay mayray nikahnamay per 2500000 or 10murlay ka makan dhokay say likah wa rakha hay jis ki waja say mujhay tang kar rahay hayn sir wo log apni bayti ko kah kar bahty hayn ka apnay admi say kaho k wo ao ap kay nam makan lagay sir may to khud 2 murlay may rah raha houn to un ko kahan say doun or kahta hay kmay tumharay ghar ko tala lagwa doun ga

  40. A.o.a respected pm and mam maryam
    my name is m.ahmad and belong to very poor family i have done fsc enng with first division now i got admission in bsc but my family is not able to pay my education dues due to which i can’t proceed my stdy
    i also apply in pakistan as tecnatiön bage 2016 and i have pass all there requirment and test finelly they call me you have some blood problem like minor thelesemia due to which you early go to rawlpindi but due to fincial prblm its i cant go to pindi and my job was finishd:-
    my humbl request to you plz help me
    contect me or mail me
    [email protected]

  41. Sallam sir!!
    Mera nam Naina Hai. 5 sal se main both pareshani mein hun koi meri madad nhi Krta mera shohar beqasur jail mein hai mery 2 choty bachy Hai mery pass paisey nahi ky koi wakeel kar sako . koi sath nahi deta ap ko Allah ka wasta Hai mujh ghareeb ki madad kary mery shohar ko reha karwaye main umar bhar ap ko duaen krti rahu gi .mery Mali halat bi dorus nahi har kisi sy madad mangi Hai . meri rehaish ki jaga nahi hai kiraya bi nahi makan le sako apno ny bi sath chor dia ab ap hi sahara Hai khudara meri madad kryy. Ap ke jawab ki muntazir rahu GI. PlZZZZZZ JAWAB zaror Di jiye ga. Mera contact no: 03423572479. Plzzz jawab zaror dena mera koi sahara nahi Hai sir plZz meri help zaror karna meri darkhust parh kary pllzzzzzz

  42. salam plz ap munafa increase kerain we r middle class and we worried about that problem plz solve this ppp gov. muafa 1 lac 1400 and ur gov. decrease 800 plz solve thanks

  43. Respected sir,
    Through this website I want to convey my message to Prime Minister of Pakistan.
    1. My husband is Kidney Failure Patient and is on Dialysis for one and a half year.
    2. We live in Rawalpindi in a rented house. There is no facility for us to live anywhere else due to dialysis.
    3. After the illness my husband, there is no source of income and we often starve.
    4. At the initial stages some relatives used to help financially but by and by they have turned their faces away from us.
    5. In these circumstances i have written to the Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan several times but no response has been received.
    6. It is a matter of life and death for me and my family including my 3x children.
    7. I have no option but to appeal to the regime of time for help. If my requested is not listened we will slowly slowly go into the clutches of death because of non- availability of food and shelter.
    8. It is a fact and any one can verify the same. If there is an iota of lie, i am liable to any punishment by Government of the time.
    Safina Naz
    W/O Behram khan (CKD patient)
    Cell: 0345-5539775

  44. Dear Sir
    I am a Pakistani of Kashmiri origin and I have lived in UK for nearly 40 years. I am an author of nine books and an historian. I am a very proud Pakistani and my life time mission has been to promote Pakistan in a positive limelight including holding six-week exhibition in 2014 at our city Peterborough Museum and ten day exhibition in our city Cathedral, both events were very successful.
    I have been admirer of you from a young age and wrote to you on 20th July 1993, when your government was dismissed on first occasion, sadly I did not receive any response from you.
    In 2010 I wrote my autobiography and included copy of my letter to you and posted you a copy and once again I failed to receive any response from you.
    Later I included your pictures in couple of more books and once again I have failed to receive any response from you.
    Sadly in my young age I have been diagnosed with degenerative disease and struggling to cope with life and I just want to get my message to you that I am a very proud Pakistani and your livelong admirer and ask why your failing to reply to all my post to you?
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Tahir Masood
    A proud Pakistani

  45. mein 3year say preshan phir raha hoon kouy ni sunta meri faryad kia PMLn mein honay ki saza hey mujay meri FIR-46/13 police station Iqbalabad KLP road Rahim Yar Khan per kouy action ni ho raha .Suhail Zafar Chatta iss FIR kay pasaiy kh kar yahan say chala gia.
    Allah poochay ga app sub say roz-e-qiamat

  46. Just 4 Attention Dear Mr Nawaz sb Kindly remember your wards & speaach about Aafia siddiqui sahiba About Gradutes jobless persons About House less & Poor persons About Treator (Ghaddar e Azam) pervaiz) Whats about Energy crises and Akbar Bugti etc. And Judges deliever us Justice against heavy Huge Sum. Me also hunted by these problems If you are remember or deliever your true promise then call me 00966590180351 Awaiting for your poitive response ALLAH HAFIZ

  47. Respected Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif sb
    Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan
    Subject: Appeal to Save Lives
    Honorable Sir,
    Through this letter I would like to invite the kind attention of Honorable Selves to my letters and emails on the subject:-
    Despite my repeated efforts, no Government Official has paid any attention to my issue which is 100% genuine. There is not an iota of lie in it.
    My husband Mr. Behram Khan who was the earning hand of family is on dialysis from the last one and a half year. There is no source of income. We family of I, my husband and three children live in a rented house in Rawalpindi.
    Without support, it will be impossible for us to survive and will die because of unavailability of food and shelter.
    Your compassionate attention is requested.
    Safina Naz
    W/O Behram Khan (CKD Patient)

  48. sir
    The True prime minister of pakistan
    with due veneration that i am a student of pre.Medical at F.G inter college for boyz mardan cantt .and i want to go canada for study for high request to u is that .please help with me in this visa .
    if you give me a chance i thankful for your this kindness.
    Thanking you in anticipation
    Muhammad Hushaam
    Muhammad Naeem
    address .Takht bhai mardan
    i hope that you may be given a chance for vusa and obliged.

  49. Salaam / PM janab Nawaz shreef sahib Ap janab Ko Maloom hai aj kal k is mengai k daor me ghar chalana kitna mushkil hai. main ek BSc pass berozgar hun aur gar ka wahid kafeel hundin ba mehnat mazdoori kar k ba mushkil guzara kar raha hun. janab waala se guzarish hai k meri majboorio ko mad a nazar rakte hue mujhe Govt Of Pakistan Me Koi B Job De kar Mashkoor farmain.
    janab ka iqbal buland ho…
    talib e dua : Syed Mudasir Shah Nushki Chaghi Balochistan

  50. Prime Minister saib mere berozgari ka khayal rakna aur mere sath maali taun zarooor karna please PM OF PAKISTAN. Pakistan ki pechan ho ap

  51. assalam-o-alaikum sir app say kasarsh ha ka ya go gujranwala may baja akava ho raha ha iss ka kaja kar thanks you

  52. I am at karachi blonge to faislabad cousion of akram ans ari mna n a 85 u r may leader ilove u pray for good health and slauate u amman at karachi iam advocate of high court karachi small worker of mln (n) waiting ur responce sir

  53. Aoa sir jahn b gvt job k liy apply kro pta chalta ha k pahly se rishwat ly k seats set hn sir jb yhi krna hota ha to jobs q opn krty hn .plz is pr nzr daln

  54. dear sir I am a poor lady.I am looking for a job.I have work in Dubai from 2005 to 2015.I have applied everywhere in Pakistan I don’t hav any contact who can help me.i am a cctv operator.kindly help me to get a job so i can support my family.

  55. جناب اعلٰی
    گزارش ہے کہ آپ لوگ تعلیم کی طرف کوئی توجہ فرما کر ان لوگوں کی مدد کریں جو اپنی تعلیم جاری نہیں رکھ سکتے اور ان کو پڑھنے کا بہت شوق ہے اور جو پڑھ چکے ہیں ان کو نوکری یا کوئی روز گار دیں جس کی شرائط آسان ہوں اور ہر غریب آدمی کی پہنچ میں ہوں اور اس این ٹی ایس کا کوئ ایک ضابطہ مقرر فرما دیں ان لوگوں نے تو مزید لو ٹنا شروع کیا ہوا ہے
    اس سلسلے میں ضرور شفقت فرمائییں جی

  56. dear Sir … i hope this is not as such important news for u not withstanding u all know in our country there are a no. of crises one of them is discrimination of women… in short minorities are not save in pakistan

  57. sir em very scared bcz ye jo hmare pak Mulk main wehshi darindon k roop jo insan hain aurtain or mard both are included hmary phool jsy bchy bchian utha rhy hain Suna hai ye aik complete gang hai wo bchon ko mar kr un k andruni parts nikal lty hain Sir please u have to take action about this ye prblm bht zada spread ho chuki hai bchy ghron main sehmy hvy hain Plrase do something for our safety

  58. Meray masoom behn ar bhai app in logoun say maddad q mangtay ho. Apny Allah say faryad q ni krtay? Agar inhoun ny kch krna hota to HM aisay hi berozgar phirtay. Aisay hi maaen khoon aloud apny bechay lye roti. Aisay hi hawa ki beti bazaroun ki ronak banti. Madad us sy mango jis sy mangnay ka haq he. In zalim logoun Ko chand din is dunya me kha lyne do. Beshak Allah anqreeb in sab hakmoun sy hiseeb ly ga. Khuda ra chor do in san k pechay bhagna ar apni madad AP p yaqeen rakho.

    1. Bilkul thik kha khuda k bandy ny 8 years sey main y apny din raat pml n ko dey diye mery pass degriyaan thi marit tha rishwat nhi thi free main hamza shahbaz ka 8 year kaam kiya inhoon ny aik naukri nhi di yeh zalim hain Allah ko zaroor hisab dain gy sb hukmran matlab parast plz in sy madad mt mangoo app k jazbatoo k sath khelty hain kisi aik ka bhi kaam hwa hai tu plz reply zaroor krna yeh mout bhool chuky hain apis ki lraiyaan aur paisa kamany sey fursat mily tu app ki sunny gy Allah sy mangoo jo deta. Hai khushi sy

  59. Sir a.o.a mjy job Ki baht zarort h many b.a Kia hua h mry husband Mcpo m hen or unki pay bht kam h ghr ka guzara bht muskail say hota h qka sir humara apna ghr nh h hum rent phr rahty hen apka baht bara eshan huga mjy job chahiye
    Contact number :03136049281

  60. Aoa ….. mera name Mashhood saleem hay main normal family sy belong krta hn mary sath olx pa farad howa hay … sayad daniyal name ka larka hay jis ka mobile num ( 03055121019,03035037808) yai 2 number hain usky or yai uska ID Card Num hay (3740509398421) …. or is ne mary sy paisy lay kr 14 thousand lay kr muje mobile nhe dya isne …. mary ghr waly sab bht prshan hain …. PLZ PLZ PLZ muje apki help ki zarort hay …… is bndy ne pta nhe or kis kis ky sath farad kiya ho ga
    main apki call ka wait kron ga ….kaafi umeed sy maine apky office complain ki hay
    thank you so much

  61. honourable sir let me uintroduce myself my name is Nadeem Zahid S/O Zahid Hasan Khan Res Karachi My contact no 03404767107 business Auction in the pennel of FBR/
    customs/Income tax all zone Karachi M/S Samina (Pvt)Limited Address Roopm No 203 Ex-Imperial BldgnM.T Khan Road Karachi for last 4 years concern FBR Auction Departments did not allow us to conduct not a single auction please help me getting Auction
    i shell be grearful to you waiting for reply from you

  62. muji kuch pesoo ki zaroorat h seraf 3 maheenoo kelye odhar ki toopar peir wapas lilo plz plz plz bahoot majboor ho seraf ek lak

    1. Me tasleem ashraf hun meri ap se koi derkhasat hai k mujh se rabta kerain yeh mera number hai 03206300258 plz call me
      Good by

  63. please mjy bangladesh sa ak book mangwa k dain, i am a student of m.phil in iiui from ajk. abdul hamid khan bashani: a political biography written by syed abdul maksud..

  64. Dear Prime Minister of pakistan
    Aslam o Alikum
    Sir i have a problem lasting for four year i want to share it personally kindly provide me specific email adress for sharing. I am a student and my problem is related to studies. Kindly reply plz

  65. Dear Sir
    District Sanghar is one of the largest district in Sindh province of Pakistan, but female group of that district is deprived, as per report That girls have fewer chances of being educated and that almost 40pc of girls aged between six and 10 years are not enrolled in school, and due to lack of education they miss proper job opportunities, and as per report that 13pc of women are liable for loans from microfinance organizations and that 26pc of women work as labour as women do not possess the skills demanded in the market which is why they earn below the minimum wage. As result low health status of women is also linked to their vulnerable position in the society. So it very necessary that vocational skills of women should be enhanced
    WOMEN CARING INSTITUTE In the sanghar is leading institute which enhancing skills of women through advanced teaching methodologies along with practical work, Same as is leading institute which have capacity to lead the corporate social responsibility (CSR) based projects by different industries and companies for Groups & Individuals,
    So here we Request that please help & make a difference in our community by contributing to the success of our Mission and Vision.
    For your convenience, I have enclosed the Capability Statement of our institute. If you have questions, or would like to make meeting please contact on bellow details.
    Thank you for considering this opportunity.
    Nazia Hussain
    Address: Women Caring Institute
    Behind Brilliant Academy Housing Society Sanghar Sindh
    Land Line: 0235-543543
    Mobile: 0340-3651752
    Email Address: [email protected]

  66. Aoa.Allah ap ko sath da.ameen loan with out profit chia sir.4 coror .return 20 lakh annual karo ga insallAH.agr ho sakA tou help kar dain.Allah ap ko ajjar dA GA.INSAALAH.ashraf bajwa cell no 03456509010

  67. Aoa
    Nawaz saib mae ny jb sy hosh smbhala h ap k like krte h vote b ap k date h aj mae buat majboor h or aik mdrsa tameer h ra h mera dil krta h mae hissa dalon mgr nae dal skte plz ap kuch help karen plz

  68. Main bhot gareeb ho mujay meray husband k leay nokri chieay or hamaray leay ghar plzzzzzzzzz muj PR rehm kray main Lahore ichra say belong krti hu

  69. Main bhot gareeb ho mujay meray husband k leay nokri chieay or hamaray leay ghar plzzzzzzzzz muj PR rehm kray main Lahore ichra say belong krti hu .mera no ye hai 03136533230

  70. Assalamsoalekum sir can I ask one question that if there is any law any criteria for the school administration for the collection fees.I mean private schools have doubled the amount of fee increase than they usually do in one year.This has happened in Beaconhouse.I want the media to raise voice against it.And education minister to make law and make sure that it has been followed Thank you so much.

  71. Respected PRIME MINISTER with humble submission it is stated that I AZHAR HUSSAIN LASHARI S/O GHULAM RASOOL LASHARI am from very poor family .I am not able to get education due to poorness. I request you to give me scholarship in order to continue studies. I read in class 1st year and i get 98 to 99 percentage in exams and tests. I hope you will not reject my request and I shall be very thankful to you. CONTACT: 03342207349 Email: [email protected]

  72. Assalam-o-alykum Respected Sir Nawaz Sharif.
    Main student hun.Sir hamaray mali halaat bohot kharab hain,jiski wajha se main study b nhi kar paa rahi hun.Main mazeed parhna chahti hun .please meri help karain.Meray baba ki tabiat b theek nhi hai.

  73. Sir please. Bsc kay admission open honay walay hain.or meray pass fee nhi hai. Meray baba ne bohot sa loan b dena hai. Please help me.

  74. Sir main sindh sy hn district nawabshah sy. Sir mje bohat zyada tension h mje motorway ki job ka bohat shoq h main ny din raat study ki or physical test bhi clear kiya h or written test m 70 m sy 36 num liye hain 4 num kam hain pass hony k liye mje koi rasta nhi dikh raha m kis sy madad mangon sir ap ka khayal aya h sirf ap hi mje ye job dilwa sakty ho Allah ny apko power di h plz help me m bohat preshan hn

    “” SHAAAIR HU TU ASA “””

  76. Dear Sir, it is informed/ requested you that five person reaped the poor woman namely Afsana Jiskani at village Dubbi PS thari mirwah distt Khairpur Sindh. You are requested please help the poor woman. thari police not took best action please took action against criminals. From Ghulam Mustafa Jiskani, from Dubbi taluka mirwah distt Khairpur.

  77. Maryam Nawaz plzz aap punjab board k papers again apni guaidance mein check karwaen Q k punjab board aik acha educational board nhi raha is ki ghalat checking ki wajah se hum tamam students ka mustaqbil dao pr laga hoa hy plzZ PMLN help us me from Rawalpindi Pakistan mein apne result se satisfied nahi hun mein ne second year k paper diay thy but mere diay hoay papers k baraks result gnda diya gya hy plzz aap full resulg matric inter k again check kryn

  78. aapke kuran me likha hai keya ki India pe hamla karne se jannat melega shambhal jao agar India khara hojayega to Pakistani kutto ka pata nahi chalega tum sab Pakistani gande nali ke kire ho apne aap ko samaghte keya ho Indian army agar kewal mutra bisarjan karde to tum Pakistani dah jaoge

  79. Dear Mam the great
    Attn: Madam Maryam Nawaz sahiba
    A legend lady teachers under the FDE are waiting for your meeting from last 4 years. these lady teachers are all met you long a time when You was in Opposition. Now a time, above mentioned Lady Teachers are humbly request You please give the 15 minuites to Lady teachers of Islamabad. as lady we hope you will never neglet our request. (For Islamabad Lady Tecachers, Muhammad Shafiq Ch, 0336 5551242

  80. अपनी औकात में रहे पाकिस्तान,हिजड़ो की तरह छुप छुप कर वार ना करे अगर एक बाप की औलाद है हाफिज सईद तो सामने आये और समय और जगह नक्की करे देखते हे जीत किसकी होती हे…
    अगर पाकिस्तानियो को सच में अपनी जान प्यारि है तो हिजड़े जैसी हरकत बंध करे और मर्दो वाली बात करे…

  81. Myself Nauman Butt and I am 33 years old. I have a problem of itchy skin since childhood, with the passage of time it has increased to such an extent that sweat glands of my body are closed, in medical terms it is called ALLOPICIA TOTALIS .
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    i want to know about how can i apply for this scheme. there should be age relaxation for southern punjab. upto 28.

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  108. Assalam o alaikum sir! Respected sir please tell me when will new scheme of apni gari apna kaam 2016 will be start? Please sir reply me..Thanks

  109. To,
    Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
    Prime Minister of Pakistan
    Subject: Desperate Appeal to Save lives by Providing Financial Assistance
    Honorable Excellency,
    I have appealed to Honorable Excellency and sent my letters through TCS. Honorable Excellency was kind enough to sought report from DCO Rawalpindi regarding the authenticity of the situation. The report was given by DCO Rawalpindi to Honorable Excellency on August 23, 2016 regarding the authenticity of the situation to Mr. Wajahat Hameed , Deputy Secretary III.
    Honorable Excellency, our situation is deteriorating day by day and we are facing hardships due to financial constraints because the earning hand of our family is on dialysis and can’t work.
    Honorable Excellency is requested once again to look into the matter in light of the whole case presented already and report submitted by DCO Rawalpindi.
    We will be very grateful.
    Waiting for compassionate response and mercy from Honorable Excellency,
    Safina Naz
    W/O Behram Khan (CKD Patient)
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  110. Sir nawaz sharif mera ik masala hy
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  112. He is not doing much special things…metro service lagwa di not a big deal …. Metro service ki jagah Jo ghareeb awaam bhook se marr rhi hai in k lite much krte to much sawaab bhi milta or duaaaein bhi……

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  119. Dear PM Nawaz Sharif,
    I am writing to you regarding the £3 charge, IF we send less than Rs21,000.
    It seems unfair, that we should be charged such a fee by our government, as we are send money back home. We are helping our borthers and sisters and other needy people whom depend on us. NOW we have to think twice whether we should money to Pakistan or NOT. It is Pakistan that is losing our support. I like to know why this charge on the British pakistanis? You hold a UK paspport yourself. Kindly remove this charge, it does NOT make sense. It is the poor public of Pakistan are the losers.
    Please reply,
    M. Azam

  120. R/ Sir
    I wana some support . Mere not sare khuaish he maa ko Haj krwana etc ab ap btain k ye 20000 rupees ki job me kese kron ap ye btain plz ya muje sirf without interest loan ki zarorat he ap ko sare refund kr deingay plz help us
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  123. I m with you sir and i m proud of u for making pakistan better. Imran khan aap ka kuch ni kar skta asal main wo bachpan main sheriyoun sy gira tha us ka dimagi tawazan khrb ho gya ha or aap k pechy lg gya ha leken hm sub ap k 7 hain pmln zindabad

  124. Please increase the seats of medical colleges…. its a request.. please increase seats this year….. to accomodate students between 87 to 88. 6%

  125. Respected Nawaz Sir ,
    I hope you are going well with your health . I am a big supporter of PMLN and am from Wah Cantt , my age is 18 . I am a student of inter and just passed my inter by achieving 86 % marks as well as 95 % in matric from Heavy Industry Taxila Education City. I want to do MBBS and want to be future doctor but unfortunately i did not do well in public medical test due to high merit and reserved seats . My family is not financially so good and i want admission in any private medical college or government one. kindly help me out to get admission in Wah medical college . Fee structure is so much high i cant afford it . I am desperately waiting for your response I hope you will help me out in this regard. Please don’t let me down . Thanks
    Afifa Zahid.
    wah model town, wah cantt.

  126. Asalam.o.alaikum! sir i need your help i m try many time contect with u but you r not give me a response for my msgs plz sir i really need your help plzzz reply

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    l pray for your good health and prosperity.

  136. Chief Justice
    Supreme Court Of Pakistan Islamabad
    Subject:- Cancellation of Promotion Mr. Shahid Maqsood Chief Sales officer to
    GM Sales
    Dear Sir,
    Mr. Chief Justice, I have writing with grief and sorrow, SNGPL Corruption story very long and old. Unfortunately previous governments did not take any action against these corrupt officials nor does the present government have keep intended, to take action against these corrupt officials. There are reasons that the people of Pakistan are lost their confidence on this institution. These officials are involved in serious crimes such as gas theft, bribery in the past, Instead of punishing corrupt officials are being awarded to promote next higher rank. These are completely injustice with those officials who are honest sincere with this institution. In these corrupt officials also included one of the chief sales officer Mr. Shahid maqsud, who were recently promoted as GM Sales?
    These alleged corrupt officials were identified during a campaign launched by the Punjab government after constituting a task force (TF) headed by Secretary industries, commerce and investment against electricity and gas theft since June 2013. In this exercise, amount of gas theft of Rs5.045 billion was detected. Among the big names are former MD Rashid Lone, former SGM Pervaiz Aziz, SGM Imdad Hussain Khan, Ismael Paracha, Chaudhary Maqsud, Qadir Awan, GMs including Najeeb Ghazi, Azam Khan Wazir, Bilal Touseef, Nasir Quershi (who has fled the country), Muhammad Azam, Shahid Maqsud and Shahid Aziz. (Authentic report is attached).
    It is my right to the status of being a Pakistani I appeal to Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan to prevent further destruction to the SNGPL institution and immediately cancelled Mr. Shahid Maqsud promotion as GM Sales and ordered to conduct strictly an inquiry against Mr. Shahid Maqsud. Because there are serious allegations against them which causes the SNGPL Company dignity has been badly destroyed, he no more righteous and true. That man was establish relations with the superior’s authority in the organization and take the benefit to promote himself into next higher rank as GM Sales.
    In addition, SNGPL Gulberg Lahore office is not less than corruption I have given the thousand of evidence in written to SNGPL management which is often laid fake gas lines and provided gas connections on wrong addresses have become routine.
    It also explains that Sui Northern Company management has always submitted baseless and false reports about me that Haider Ali habitual complainant and black mailing to SNGPL officials. Despite I was provided concrete evidence with each application. I also explain that SNGPL management some thick corrupt officials are want to notoriously me. I therefore requested that to the Senior GM sales to be asked to provide CC&B record for urgent fee connections and CC&B (2012-2013) record for normal connections and there are no two opinions that all corruption will be exposed like crystal.
    Haider Ali Khan
    House # 845/1 Malik Mnazir Street Ali Park Lahore cantt
    Cc:- Mr. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi Minister Petroleum and Natural gas
    Cc:- Chairman NAB Islamabad
    Cc:- Managing Director SNGPL Lahore
    Cc:- Senior GM Sales Lahore
    Cc:- GM Lahore
    The Express Tribune, January 8th, 2014.
    As many as 121 mid to high-ranking officials of the Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL) are allegedly involved in a corruption scandal worth billions of rupees, but are still working on lucrative positions without fear of accountability and action over wrongdoings, abuse of authority and corruption, The Express Tribune has learnt.
    According to a document available, the officials include one former managing director, five senior general managers (SGM), seven general managers, one company secretary, six sales officers, one executive engineer, eight associate engineers, 42 superintendents, 12 sub engineers, eight assistants, 11 meter readers/inspectors, three foremen and 16 other technical staff. These officials were suspected to be involved in patronizing gas theft, bribery, being owners of CNG stations, factories, meter tampering, selling of company material and taking monthly stipends from illegal gas users.
    These alleged corrupt officials were identified during a campaign launched by the Punjab government after constituting a task force (TF) headed by Secretary industries, commerce and investment against electricity and gas theft since June 2013. In this exercise, theft of Rs5.045 billion gas in SNGPL infrastructure was detected.
    photo Rs5b_zpsf6612ce5.jpg
    Among the big names are former MD Rashid Lone, former SGM Pervaiz Aziz, SGM Imdad Hussain Khan, Ismael Paracha, Chaudhary Maqsood, Qadir Awan, GMs including Najeeb Ghazi, Azam Khan Wazir, Bilal Touseef, Nasir Quershi (who has fled the country), Muhammad Azam, Shahid Maqsood and Shahid Aziz.
    The TF constituted district committees, which conducted 5,480 raids in 33 districts and detected 1175 cases of gas pilferage on the spot. As many as 622 criminal cases under section of theft were registered and 615 persons were arrested red-handed on these charges. Out of total pilferage, Rs1.534 billion were detected in Lahore, Rs1.196 billion in Sheikhupura and Rs561.63 million in the Fasialabad district. Gas theft of Rs418 million was found in Gujranwala, Rs308 million in Multan, Rs295 million in Gujrat, Rs275 million in Kasur and Rs153 million in Rawalpindi.
    Cases were registered against owners of various factories, mills, hotels, plazas, poultry farms, bakeries, petrol pumps, agriculture tubwells, commercial centres and CNG stations.
    How these private citizens managed such large theft of gas without any recourse from SNGPL officials was a big question during the campaign, a senior official of TF said.
    The document says that during the campaign, Civilian prime agency intelligence (Intelligence Bureau) submitted a list of 121 SNGPL officials to the chief minister Punjab Shahbaz Shairf over thewir involvement in gas theft. The same list was sent to the prime military intelligence agency (ISI) for counter verification. The second agency endorsed the list with the remarks that all officials were living beyond their means and using luxuries not possible in the salaries they were receiving. The agency further maintained that some of them were involved in other illegal activities as well.
    Secretary industries, who was also chairperson of the TF, sent a summary to the chief minister over the report, with recommendations to send the list to Chairman Board of Directors SNGPL, Federal Investigation Agency and concerned ministry for initiation of action against and recovery of money they had looted. The chief minister observed that lists should be sent to chairman SNGPL and FIA for action against the corrupt officials without mentioning the source of information.
    The list was sent to SNGPL chairman on December 13 with a request to initiate action against the suspect corrupt officials.
    SNGPL Chairperson Mian Misbahur Rehman said a committee comprising three senior officials would be constituted for a preliminary inquiry of corruption charges and assessment of financial loss caused by officials. Then a six-member panel would review the committee’s recommendations to ensure justice and action.

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  145. جناب وزیراعظم صاحب،
    اسلامُ علیکم
    ہمارے پاکستان میں قتل، ڈکیتی اور دہشتگردی میں کافی اضافہ ہو رہا ہے، ان کو روکنے کیلے کُوچھ کرنے کی ضرورت ہے، میں حضور کی خدمت میں اپنی ایک راے پیش کرنا چاہتا ہوں، پولیس اور انصاف کے اداروں کو بہتر بنایا جاے اور قتل کرنے والے کو اُس کاجُرم سابت ہونے پر مجرُوم کو سرِعام پھانسی لگا دیا جاےاور پھانسی گہر ہر بڑے شہر میں کسی بڑے چوک پر بناے جائیں تاکہ ہر گزرنے والہ دیکھے اور عبرت حاصل کرے، حضور جب تک اسے قوانین نہیں بناے جائیں گے یہ جُورائم ختم نہی ہونگے، میں اپ کے پاجاما لیکس کے بارے میں بی کوُچھ عرض کرنا چاہتا ہوں جناب اپ پاکستان کے وزیراعظم ہیں پاکستان کے وی آئی پی طیارے پر گومتے ہیں اور اپ یا اپ کے شہزادے دوسرے ملکوں میں اپنا کاروبار کرتے ہیں اپ پاکستان میں بی اپنا کاروبار کر سکتے حضور اپ کے اربوں روپے کے کاروبار کو اس وقت اپ کے اس وطن کو ضرورت ہے حضور جانتے ہیں کتنے پاکستانیوں کو روزگار ملے گا، کیا اپ سے زیادہ چین مخلص ہے پاکستان سے وہ اپنے خون پسینے کی کمائ ہمارے ملک میں لگا رہا ہے، معاف کیجئے گا حضور میں تو کہوں گا اگلی پیشی آنے سے پہلے اپنا سارا پیسا پاکستان واپس لے آئیں اور سب کا منہ بند کردیں۔ اپ کا شکریہ
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    waiting for your response sir. If you not respond me i tell all details to other political leadrs..? how are a big threat for you?
    Choudhary Aamir……………

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  150. assalamualaikum..
    Main Nawaz shareef sahab sy mukhatib nhin hun,,
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    Ek ek comment ko parh k andaaza ho raha hai k Mere Pakistan main kitni Ghutbat ka saamna hai..
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    Or nehaayat afsos bhi,,
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    Bhaio or Behno.. Mujhy aap ko kuch dena hai..
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    :* Pakistan Zinda Bad..

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  152. asalamuwalikum
    Me 5 years se dubai me kaam kar raha ho ..yaha bass dakke or pareshani tention k ilawa kuch nhi hai ne pakistan me buhat job dhoni but mujhen nhi mile …
    Mujhen apne mulk me job karni hai apni family k saath rehna hai ..

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  154. Nawaz Sharif, hon’ble Prime Minister of Pakistan. His full name is Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. He born on 25 December, 1849 at Lahore city in Pakistan. Please correct the year of birth.

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  158. Hello Mian Nawaz Sharif Sahib…
    Se Ap Ne Clean Sweep Kia. Ap Ke Pass To Sargodha Walon Ka Shukria Ada Karne Ka Waqat

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    Super hero
    May Lord bless you and your family
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  161. MY BELOVED P.M,Please make efforts for the repatriation/release of Dr.Aafia to Pakistan.We will be highly obliged for your remarkable efforts in this regard.Her grieved mother and children are waiting for her.we know that you are kind hearted person and you can do this.INSHALLLAH you will get great reward for this HERE and Hereafter. We are waiting for your quick action.Nawaz Shrif………..Zinda Bad.

  162. AOA Sir,
    salam ke bad ak arz hai kya sir mian Pakistani nahi hon agr main Pakistani nahi to ap muj ko job na dena hum se kam education persons jobs kr rhy hain aur hum sir test aur interview dene k leye hain plz agr mehar bani ho sake to muj ko jobs dain ap ki mehr bani ho gi sir ge thank you GOD Bless you sir

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  164. salam sir i belong to fata fr peshawar sir we have a lot of issues first isseues is that we have no proper drinking water system due to lack of power 2nd one is that fata officers are one of the biggest correcpt in the world you now plz visit our area then you will get knowledge about our lives .that how we are living in our area .sir plz there is a bigest corruption in the fata Secretariat plz stop them and funished that people .

  165. A.O.A.sir main ap sy aik request kro ga ap ko agriculture sector main jobs nikalni chahian hum log zarat sy wabsta hn jobs dain field assistant agriculture ki arsa 15 sal sy koi jobs ni ai hum log diploma field assistant kr ky apni age ganwa rahy hn please bht sari seats vacant pari hn main ap ka voter sportr hn but abh hum ko jobs ni milti to hum imran khan ki taraf hath pahlain ap munsif ho hum ko jobs dain bus jaldi sy jaldi 2017 17 date lag GI but jobs ni humri shadi ni ho skti AGR jobs na di gi him ko beti koi ni daita kia krain sir please hum ko jobs dain.ap ka shukr guzar raho ga.main taunsa sharif Punjab ki pasmanda tehsil main rehta hn yahn koi MNA kam ni krta kia krain sir jobs my whatsapp.03316172200.#.sir I request u.main bht preshan hn but job mil jay to shadi kr sko ga mjhy koi beti ni daita kehty hn larka kia krta hy ap larkion ko jobs na dain larko ko dain jinho NY agy ghr chalna hota hy 30 hazr salry mahny ki ho guzara ho jay ga umeed hy ap job inayt frmain by my meri shadi krwa dain

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  167. Dear Sir, Assalamo alakum, I humbly request you my cousin Name Muhammad Akram belonged to Sargodha city and also my sister (saali) have 4 children , and three children suffering from one decease day by day they have been disabling . they have too much treated from Sargodha, Lahore and Rawalpidi in different Hospitals, private doctors but now they refer to The Aga Khan Hospital Karachi for treatment .They have unable to bear the treatment expenses, children parents are now hands to mouth. This time they are poor man and everything have been sold now requested you to please bear the all expenses of three children. I hope that you will treat to my request sympathetically. Looking for your co-operation

  168. Assalam o Alaikum,
    Respected Prime Minister of Pakistan: Mr. Nawaz Sharif,
    To start off, I’ll first introduce myself, I’m a Pakistani student and I think this is enough to cater your attention! What urged me to write this in order to somehow get lucky in contacting you is purely nationalism: the voice of the Heart. Honorable sir, I’m a teenager on a verge of taking a distinctive step for the evolution of my future and honestly after spending days and nights stressing my brain to come up with possibilities for my career, the only sole solution, what my poor soul came up with was to question YOU hunting down my answers! I’m not a critic pouring light on my views nor do I want to discuss politics but I solemnly swear that I’m a patriotic o’level student craving the possibilities to do something for my country, the very country under the name of which I prosper, a country that has given me my identity, a country that claims me, a country under whose passport, I go around the world! In other words, I’m fervently searching for the opportunities to make my future bright so that it lights the whole world enlightening them that Pakistan is a country, they can’t ignore!
    Dear sir, this is a concern that should be dealt with immediately! WE ARE YOUR FUTURE! And doesn’t that haunt you that when we think of different professional fields, all the flashbacks of doctors raiding the streets in protest to increase their salaries, the government teachers sleeping in the classes and not teaching those poor students the value of education, the lawyers being shot down to death and the justice not being provided in the courts, our media shaming our Islamic teachings, theft and robbery becoming stronger in every corner of our country, terrorism demolishing our values of peace and safety, insecure future of the students of our country, Pakistan along with Afghanistan being the only two countries on Earth that still haven’t been successful eradicating polio disease and above all a country that has no university in the top hundred in the world EVEN! If this doesn’t crumble your soul then I feel devastated that we have voted you as our LEADER! If this doesn’t give you enough food for thought and you ignore all these urges, this voice will NOT die! It’ll RISE and speak even louder! But my instincts tell me that you WILL respond to this call from an innocent soul expressing the voices of millions of students and take effective actions against the issues engulfing the prosperity of Pakistan! You are the PM of Pakistan, you posses all the authority over matters concerning Pakistan! You have been chosen as a leader by the people of Pakistan! You have been endorsed with a duty by Allah Almighty to work for the best interest of this country and make it a land from where Islam will revive from! Please secure my Future, grant me my rights and I’ll forever be thankful!
    Your daughter is a graduate from Cambridge, it’s the same educational board I’m studying from BECAUSE my parents can afford but not every Pakistani girl has even access to education in Pakistan. Sir, I also have a dream to be one of those luckiest souls on Earth to be a part of a proud organization like Oxford, Cambridge and HARVARD but does our country provide scholarships to eligible students or has institutions that can compete with those? Please, do something for the literacy rate of our country, evolve Pakistan from a third world country to the leader of the world! And to eradicate all these diseases of corruption, injustice, illiteracy, terrorism, fraud and etc. that set decay in the development of our country, please take appropriate measures, we NEED you to progress as an invincible nation! This is a plea awaiting your ANSWER!

  169. asslamoalikum sir nawaz shrif may you live long i m pleeding sir i blong to a very poor family but as well ad i am graduate and jobless sir i hv hardly need to sport my family plz help me for a job it will sadiqa jarita for u this is my contact number 03060796438, 03121405021

  170. Request
    Most respect fully that I have relations with poor family. I need a house billed up for our family. I can not pay this amount for billed up a house. Therefore the amount of a house billed up for need Rs 1500000. I am can not pay this amount form my sallery. Because my sallery is low. So that I am request to you for help me my family for a house billed up. So that I am request to you Rs 1500000 donates me and my family. Thanks to you for help me and my family. My account details under as.
    Nazar Hussain
    CNIC no 34201-9595552-9
    Account no 0825-0880092561006812
    Swift code Pk85MUCB0880092561006812
    Account type BBA
    Branch MCB Bank jalal pur jattah
    Tech&District Gujrat
    Village & p/o Lakhan wal

  171. Sir I am poor student of D Com
    sir plz help me
    sir hamara sarkari Hostel band ha jis ki wjh sa ma private Hostel ma rehta hn
    sir buht mushkil sy guzara hota ha
    Sir plz help me.
    Allah blessed you.

  172. sir ye pakistan ke team kya hai govt is ke bare main action kyun ni lati akhir waja kya hai har match har rhi ha aus se new team banai jaye govt itne akhrajat bhi inn ke bardash kar rhi hai plz action lain

  173. respectfully Sir
    sir I need a job anywhere
    I’m very very poor boy .
    my education metric with science
    and I have diploma in ms office of one year .
    sir don’t have other income option
    now I’m totally free
    my wish is I get education but not enough money for this.sir
    now I want a government job in any field
    please help me sir
    my phone number is
    for God please help me to give me job in police or anywhere sir please.

  174. Sir ak kam hy me ak garib larka ho or darivr ho ffc sown tawer rawlpinde me job chata ho ap mahrbani farma de mari safaris kar de my contact number 03379228066

  175. Nawaz sharif…..i have given you vote in the previous election but i will never giblve you again as you arrested hafiz saeed….my imam and the voice for kashmire

  176. Honourable Sir,
    I am Mukhtiar Ali s/o Late Hakeem Ghulam Qasim Channa Ex-Member PML(N) Larkana Sir, I have all letters and advises for PML available of my father which were conversation with party in the life. I am MBA passed 2004 but still jobless now days our life spending very difficult without job and my two brothers also qualified but all are jobless, Kindly help with us and nowdays my percaptions are going to sucide, I lot of tried for jobs but not any response becuase I have only source of ALLAH PAK.
    Mukhtar Ali Channa

  177. Sir asslam o alikum?
    Salam ke bad I am Taimoor Khan from mardan sir my education is FA + computer my height is 5.9 my age 24 sir I am very poor sir motoway police or etc job please help me?

  178. Dear Sir,
    I must appreciate various projects in process & completed by Nawaz Sharif Government are really worth for current & future needs (Hospitals/ Highways & Last but not least the LAPtop program for students.
    Looking for a Human capital development program where I can contribute any where in Pakistan but specially My own provice Sindh.
    Profile Summary
     Trainer for IBA (HEC program on Capacity Building in HR)
     Trainer for Pharmaceuticals training on IBA platform
     Training & HR Consultant for Employers’ Federation of Pakistan (April 15- June 16)
     Visiting faculty for IBA PGD Course in HR (2015)
     Visiting faculty MBA Course in Public Admin Department Karachi University HR Com-Ben) (2016)
     Visiting Faculty SIMT (MBA Marketing ) Current
     IBA(CEE) Trainer for Aga Khan School Leadership
     External corporate Trainer for B Braun Pakistan/ Highnoon Lab in skills development area for sales team.
     Freelance trainer for healthcare institutes on soft skills.
     Ex; Director HR & OD Allmed Group
     Ex: Head of HR & Training B Braun Pakistan
     Master in Biochemistry Sind University
    [email protected]
    Cell: 03028228687

  179. Dear Nawaz Shareef Sahab
    Mere Mohtaram Wazeer e Azam Pakistan Nawaz Shareef Sahab Mulk Ki Tarakki Aur Din Ba Din Naye Naye Tarkiyati Kaamo Ka Jaal Bichanay Par Puri Qoam Apko Qadar Ki Nigah Se Dekhti Hai Main Ne Pichli Tamam Hukumato se Apki Mojuda Hukumat Ka Mawazna Kiya To Mujhe Apki Govt Behtar Nazar Ayi Main Aik Aam Pakistani Aur Karachi Ka Rehne Wala Urdu Speak Shehri Hun Main Koi PML-N Ka Karkun Bhi Nahi Hun Aur Na Hi Kabhi Koi Saportar Raha Hun Mene Apni Zindagi Me Karachi K Har Halaat Ko Bohat Qareeb Se Dekhe Hai Magar Jis Danish Mandi K Sath Ap Ne Buray Halaat Ka Saamna Kiya Hai Wo Qabil e Sattayesh Hai Aj Pakistan Ka Bacha Bacha Mulk Me Nayi Tabdili Dekh Raha Hai Har Taraf Tarqiyati Kaam New New Project Ne Awaam Ko Ye Sochne Par Majboor Kri diya Hai K Pakistani ki Behtar Mustaqbil k Liye Nawaz Shareef Hi Zaruri Hai Mere Mohtaram Is Baat Par Koi Shak Nahi Hai k Ap K Paas Qaabil Aur Mahanti Logo Par Mushtamil Behtareen Team Mojood Hai Jo K Aik Naimat Se Kam Nahi Hai Achi Goverenment K Liye Achi Team Ka Hona Bohat Zaruri Hai Jo Allah K Karam se Ap K Paas Mojood Hai Pakistan K Andar Hospital k Naqis Elaaj o Moualja K Bhi Masayel Hai Jo Qabil e Tashvish Hai Dua Go Hun Ap Is Par Bhi Jald Hi Action Len Ge.
    Mere Mohtaram Baa Haisiyat Insaan Aur Aik Sacha Pakistani Hone K Natay Mera Dil Krta Hai k Main Ap se Aik Baar Mil Sakun Ap k sath dinner kr sakun Meri Zindagi K Khuwaishat Me Sub Se ziyada Aham Dili Khuwaish Ap Aur Janab Wazir e Aala Punjab Shehbaz Shareef Sahab se Mulaqat Ka Hai Umeed Krta Hun Ap Jitnay Barhay Insan hai Utna Hi Barha Ap Ka Dil Bhi Hai Mujhe Yaqeen Hai Meri Zindagi Me Aik Dafa Zaroor Ap k sath Mulaqat Hogi Dua Go Hun Ap Khud Mujhe Islamabad Bulwaye Mujhay Galay Lagaye Apne Bacho ki Tarha Mujh Par Shafqat K Hath Rakhay Jis SE Meri Bhi Taqdeer Badal Jaye Aur Meri Zindagi Me Bhi Chaar Chaand Lag Jaye Allah Paak Apki Govt Ko Tamam Aafaat Se Mehfooz Rakhe Dushmano ki Buri Nazar Aur Shar Se Mehfooz Rakhe (Ameen)
    Cell No 0346-3568925

  180. Sir Assalam o Alikum janab ma ek choti sy apni shop chalata hu keamari karachi k area ma yhn takreeban 3 maah pehly road tameer hua th or humary area ma qasim shah road tk hua us k agy nh hua humary yahan jo MPA sir hamaun khan un sy zara pouchey k us sy agey ku nh tameer kia gya road kya wahn sy ap ko voot kam mily ha ya wo log pathan ha ya koi b ksi k party k hon lekn ap apna farz tu pora karen sir bs yhe bt kehni th hm ap sy bht umeedin hen js trha aj kal hmari bussnes ma points 50000 sy above ho rhy ha ye sb apki wja sy ha bs sir ek dfa hmary road ki halat py khud nazar marna

  181. Sat help karny g mera husband nai had mujy amdad Karo g Mary opet 18 lakh ka karza ha Jo many apny husband k ilaj pay lagaye wo nai ra 4 sal play bus karza he dena 2batiyo ki marag karni ha

  182. Sat help karny g mera husband nai had mujy amdad Karo g Mary opet 18 lakh ka karza ha Jo many apny husband k ilaj pay lagaye wo nai ra 4 sal play bus karza he dena 2batiyo ki marag karni ha

  183. Sir respected My. waif farmina bibi 21.06.2014.ko operation security forces fata Khyber agency ma golyo ka nishana bani our tertmant ma ne bohat karza le kar kia lekn meri waif farmina bibi hamsha k leye mazoor ho gai our mera gar fata operation area ma mokamal damages ho gia.ab etna income nahi hai k ma tertmant ka karza ada karo .our house repairs karo.gornament kpk ne koi help nahi kia.sir ape ne mera letter governor kpk ko forward kia ta lekn waha se bi ko imdad nahi hoi.sir meri fimly boht garib hai our hum fata k mutaseren hai.please sir helping my family Thanks. my contact number 03335681167.

  184. Sir respected pm nawaz Sharif saheb kia hum fata wale Pakistani nahi hai.hum logo ka carrd Pakistan ka bana howa hai.sir 21.06.2014.ko bara Khyber agency ma security forces zarb e ghazab search operation ma meri waif farmina bibi gar ma golyo ka nishana bani sir meri waife ka 6 operation. Hoye jo ma ne logo se karza lea waif ka zewar bej dia our tertmant kia lekn meri waife ek hat our tang se mazor ho gai.mera garibi ka bana howa gar operation aria ma damages ho gia.sir mere 5 choti choti bachi hai.sardi ma weran gar ma our mazor waife reh rahi hai.hum terarest nahi ma sir khud pak fc ka constable ho.Islamabad ma Egypt defense par devty kar raha ho our Pakistan ki khedmat kar raha ho.lekn mera sab koch barbad ho gia.03335681167.address f7.2.street number number 17 ab.egypt defense house attach office. .?

  185. Sir im hafiz ul quran ho sir pliz help me allah pak ne ap ko nawaza he jo ap ab paraim minster ho sir pliz contict me 03002884076

  186. Assalam o alaikum nwaz Sharif sahab sir me aik mamoli Banda hn or rent pe rehta hn or apne aik chotey se ghur ki khawahish rukhta hn agur ap mujhe apna aik chota sa ghur bnane k liye assan qurza chahta .jis me me apni bevi or do chote buchon k sath rehna chahta hn .plz

  187. A.OA Uncle nawaz shareef, main ke student hn, mujy job ke bohat zarorat hy plzzzzzzzzzzzz ap meri help kijey ga,main ny tehseel level py NGO main work kia lakin wo frod nikla,plz help me.

  188. Pls help me sir mery walid nhi hai walida bhi apahij hai meri age 19 yrs hai mai 1 bahi ho makan kirai ka hai pls help me sir PM nawaz Sharif

  189. Sir Maine WAPDA mai Employee sons kota mai 2 poston keliye Apply kiya tha Meter Reader air Driver Nts aur Interwove pass kiya hai Walid sahib Feald store Mardan se Store helper seat se Retaired hochuka hai laiken sir Maine FA Pass kiya hai lakin phir bhi mujhe Apna Haq nahi milgaya sir please WAPDA PESCO PESHAWAR mai sons kouta mai Meter Reader ki post par mera Arder karwa kar mashkoor Farmaden bohut ghareeb aur berozgar hoon Sir
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    Contact Mobil number 03468585861 03038282833
    Pmln Pk 18 Alhaj Haji IhsanUllah khan

  190. Aslamu alaikum sir. Sir mera name m adnan hy.main sang Jani main rehta hon. 8 class pass hon main apse job ke darkhast krta hon.mujhe kahin job delwa de.please sir apke mehrbani ho ge.mera message pharne ke bad mujhe mere is number pr contact zrur kre . apki Mehrbani ho ge .0315 5301944

  191. I want sell my kidney my blood group B positive my Mobail no 03362775005 what’s aap no 03128363908 I want mony

  192. sir ma bhout preshan hon sindh ka kia ho ga paper dain to nakl kar ky aur nokari lain to paisy aur shifarsh ky sath sir ham kia bany ga sir ma bhout ghareeb hon mari kuch help karain ma chata hon ka apny pakistan ko pak saf mulk bna don sir ap hamara message zaroor parna aur is ka reply bhi dena ok

  193. I am from the UK and recently visited Karachi.
    I would like to know what you are doing about cleaning up Karachi? There is mountains of rubbish lying everywhere and it stinks.
    Please do something as a matter of urgency.
    Also address the issue of electricity in Pakistan. Why isn’t solar system used?
    Why are my people suffering so much?
    It’s quite embarrassing.

  194. Sar g aj ap log poles se nahi darte balke kali wardi ka khof bana hey awaam ke dilon me agar awam aor poles ko behtar karna hey to meri rahe mano wardi ka coler cheng kar do baqi sab teek ho jae ga ye coler hi sab masibton ki jaar hey wardi ke sath dil me kale ho ge hn poles walon key .Aor awam bi is coler se nafrat karti hey nai wardi ki addi karo awam ko agar kaeem khatm na hoya to batana .Inshallah mera dawa hey punjab me aman lane ka is se behtar koi hal ni age ap ki marzi

  195. Mr sahab nawaz sharif i have very need for job so that my father is worried for me he every time told to me that i have should get a job so i have requsted for You plz givinme a some job to as your wish

  196. Khyber pakhtun khwa main bhi apke supporter hai , Nawaz saib kabi kabi unko bhi yad krna Q k ham hamesha ap ke sar per dosray parttiyao walo k sath larrtey hai , U r supporter Hamid , Mati allah , Lakki Marwat

  197. Dear prim minstor sahib.a.o.a
    My name isha hy. Myn m.a kar rahi hu mgr kahi job nai milti Kia ya hi insaf hota hy. Myn apni study ka khrcha b aford ni kr pa rahi. Mhrbani kr k mri trf ghor Kia jay.

  198. sir i am belong to poor family live in village Muhammad Khan Brohi Rantanabad near Muhammad Medical College my father studied me as a Master in Commerce from Sindh University, i have not any source of run my family, i have applied many departments in sindh and federal but unfortunately i did not get any response, no any marit in sindh now sir i am getting over age please kindly give me job i will pray for you and thankful to you
    my cell no 03332984991
    village Muhammad Khan Brohi Ratanabad Taluka Shujabad District Mirpurkhas Sindh
    Ali Muhammad

  199. Assalamu alaikum humre dilon ki dharkan praim minster nwaz shareef sahab.
    Sir main ak kisan hoon apni mehnt se rozi roti kmane wala .sir ak high court ka Wakeel jis ka naam Tariq Aziz khokar hai asne aur aske Bhai ne Europe country k visa ka kehkar mjhe se 9 lakh rqam lye le ab main raqam waps mangta hoon to khta hai aapke passport ko dehshat gardi ki jgah phenk kar aap par case kra doon ga sir please help me aske khilaf action lain sir mjhko mera haq dila dain sir .03025004274 my cell number

  200. Mara ami abiu bhan bhi ki ek byke exccedint ma dath ho gi h ab muj sa chot bhi bhan h mara apnao na muko chor dya h mara 7 dyna wall koi b ni h so plaz mari madat kar dy ap ki mahrbhni ho gi my call nambar 03336569946

  201. Ser plz help me mar ps job ni h or mar pas 5baba h or m rant pa hu ser mer hlp kor ni to apna baba or ma kod kus kr la ga is wakt bota tan San ma hu mar hlp kor mar is nbr pa rabt kor 03339812855

  202. aoa sir men allama iqbal ki taraf se parh rha hun hum logon ko agay kuch nazar nhi aa rha please chote darjay k logon k lye kuch socho ap meharbani ho gi agr log 2 waqat ki roti izzat se kha lain gy koi bara project socho jis se pakistan ki awaam asani se 2 waqat ki roti kama skhe jis ki waja se pakistan ka bhi bhala ho or pakistanio ka bhi

  203. Nawz Sharif sir ap we 1gozarish ap ne oro ko laptop diy h hm garib log hai plz sir hmy bhai 1 car da dy sakim wali chay

  204. Sir insha Allah you are good these days.
    Sir i asked only one question..
    Why HEC change the criteria of Laptop .. in previous years 1st phase of Laptop scheme eligibility criteria and selected student criteria for Laptop is very low . Only 70% marks are eligible and selected student for the final merit list. In phase 3 laptop scheme eligibility criteria is very high 90 or 88% and below from these marks students will be consider as not selected….
    Please change this criteria and also i am a deserving student and got 82%marks in last year inthe department
    I shall be very thankful to you this kind act

  205. Assalam o Alikum
    Mian Sahib Kisi ka bi dil nhe karta haat philana ko halat insan se Sub kuch karwaty Hain Mujhe kuch nhe chahya sirf 1 Job k Elawa Main Sahib main bohat pershan Hn or kafi arsy se Hn Takriban 13 sal se Kun K hum bohat hi chuthy tha jan papa churr kar chala gaya ab Ghr main mama or Bhai Sisater log h Jo k main Akyla he hn kam kar na wala Ap se Gozarish plssss Sir mara lya agr apko kuch da tu apko mara pura ghr ki dua mila gi Or wasy Bi Khud ko Hazir nazir kar k Kabi aj tak kisy or ko vot nhe dia siwaya apk Dili chahata rakhaty hn ap se Meharbani Farmah k Mujhe koi policy main ya armi main jo mil jaya tu hum ghr wala khush hal ho jaya a plzzzzz Sir plzzzz
    Mara Dil tu nhe karta Lakin Sir majboor Hn or asch main Hn
    Main Sahib mujhe pat h log Bohat jhot bola ty h Per Mana Allah ko jan dani Allah Main se darty hn Is lya mah ko pershan nhe Dakh sakty plzz ap mara kuch kar da Agr nhe apna kar na Mari bat ko ignore kar na h Tu pls Main Sahin thorr sa Zehar hi Bjhe Dana Thanks
    Facebook I D AHSAN PARO
    Phone number

  206. Pm sir mere papa bohte bimar hai or mama ek barn pestioned hai or ghet ki amdi kuch zayda nahi hai is liye ap se apil hair ap meri or merit family ki help kare sona hai ap be allah k bands hai Allah k liye humri madad mere mein zayda pari nhi ho is liye koi hop nhi hai mere pass Allah k liye

  207. A.O.A Sir My Name Is Usama Bin Taj And I’m 18 year old sir i passed matric in 2015 with 82% marks from federal board and now I’m in givernment college but i don’t get laptop plzzzz give me laptop I’m from poor family and i need laptop for study plzz help me….
    03401537826 must contact me ..I’m alwaz with tou and supooert you and give vote you (y) hpl me plz.

  208. helo nwaz sharif sir may bhut garib hon studant hon ghar kiraye ka hay please hmari help kry please 03464571217

  209. Salam..sir plz meri help kren mere husband ki job khatm hogae he or hum rent per rehte hen ab hamare lye buhat mushkil ho raha he sir ghar chalana plz sir meri request he ap se k mere husband kuch karobar krna chahat hen us k lye humy paison ji help chahiye tk k hamara ghr acha chal saky me ap ki buhat shuker guzar rahungi sir plz help me mjhe ap k be sabri se intezar rahega ap k ans ka..thnx

  210. Hy main nawaz uncle mera name kashif he or men apka buht big fan hun men sheikhupura sity sy hun rana tanwir sahab ka halka he or hum har bar apki parti Ku vote dety hen .sar men saudia Arabia me workr tha or ghareeb family he meri saudia me kam kar k family ka gozara ho jata tha .ek sall kam kiya saudia me usky bad mujhy 5.sall k liye black list kr diya he jiski wja mera iqama nhi tha sar plz kuch kren men saudia wapis jana chahta hn Allah k liye kuch kren men wapis saudia jaky kam krna chahta hn furniture ka kam krta tha saudia me sar plz apsy request he mujhy saudia wapis bhejdu plz hum buht ghareeb hen sar plz

  211. Sir mane kal ak post ki face book pa mera bhai m.c k ma chermain ka p.a tha usko inho nay nikaal diya ak school girls ka Samny para tha gand

  212. Sr mera name kashif chak 43eb tasil arifwala zila pakptan sr aik mfya qbza group me hmre ghr PR me asle k zor or mar peer we qbza or liya sr mojda the krwai mRNA chhi to home bdqlmi zubn she nikla gya ye in ka than ha home or khen krwai mRNA chhi to hmri bachi ko aghwah kr liya gya hmne krwi kRNA chhi koi btt na suni gyi MRI Ami es sdmy she bimar ho Gyi ha 5 din ho gye gain na RPT na koi krwai krta ran k elwah koi nhi hmra ap ko Allah ka wasta hmri hillp kijye wrna merit ma CNT 03023145943


  214. km Acha nai ho raha leght hoti howi light ka pata nai kahan ha Officer ek se ek rashwat khur mu phar ki bathi hain ur rahi bat job ki tu garib maa bap apni bachon ko khun,pasinA ek kr ki parati likhati hain wo frr be hotalon pe bartan dho rahi hain , job sari Achi achi damon me bachi ja rahin hain Allah ki lathi be Awaz ha mari pas rahni ko ghar nai bhaiyon ko paraya ha unki leya koai job nai maldar ki leya sub job hain

  215. Aoa,Respected Prime Minister of Pakistan,My name is ghayyur,I am doing job as an accountant in a private organization in I-9/2 Area of islamabad.We are living in I-10/4 sector. Today we are three colleagues at the time of 1.20 a.m going for dinner at Muhammdi Nihari,I-10/4 sector ,A black car stop near us and 7-person drunked(shrabi) culprits having iron chain,hockey stick,steel rod and loaded gun attacked us beaten us badly,our two colleague were badly injured.we call 15 after 15 minutes when they had beaten us police came.we go to pims for injection and go to mandi moor police station but no FIR written by person sitting there,they refuse and said that you people should sort out any third solution instead of FIR because those people who attacked you are very high profiled and they have reference in police department and they are linked with MNAs,MPAs.
    we are not sleeping in the whole night and I am writting to you at 4:08 am morning,If police did not help any one then no need of police in I-sector ,This is your Capital Mr.Prime Minister,This is capital of Pakistan,the real picture of Pakistan any Drunked Person can do any thing at night and no police man can help him.If justice not given to any person no need of judges,Police.sab ko farigh kr do.Mr.Prime Minister,If you Do not take any action against this trauma happend tonight with us,We all Will catch your callar (gribaaan) at the day of judgment and remember at that day no one escape from his Actions.ALLAH IS THE GREATEST,

  216. وزيراعظم مياں محمد نواز شريف وزيراعظم هاؤس اسلام آباد
    جناب عالى:
    مؤدبانہ گزارش ہے كہ هم نے بهت سى آ پكو چھٹیاں درخواست لكهى هيں.جو كه هم بيان نهيں كر سكتى تو آپ نے ايك بهى خط كا جواب نهيں ديا كيونكه آپ هماري همسائى بهى هيں آپ كا زياده حق بنتا هيں.
    هم نے آپكو لكها تها انتہائى شرم كى بات هے.همارى لئيے اور آپكے ليىے بهى دسويں جماعت سكول اس ميں بچيان اور بچى جو كه جوان هيں اكٹهى پڑه رهيں هيں.
    هم نے آپكو بهيت خط لكهى هيں ليكن ابهى تك لڑكيوں كا كالج عليحده نهيں بن سكا يه 25 سال كا عرصه گزر كيا ہیں اور نه هى آپ كى كسى نمائيده نے توجه دى.
    مرتظفى جاويد عباسى برسہٹر اس كو بهى بتايا هيں بار حال هماري كسى نے نه سنى لهذا اوپر خدا هيں اور نيچے زمين هيں يه جو همارى مطالبے هيں ان پر آپ خود توجه ديں.
    نمبر 2:
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    ان لوگوں كا مطالبه هيں كه ايوبيا نتهيا گلى روڈ پہلی فرست ميں سى بيك ميں ڈالا جائى اور همارا چهرلفت مطالبے هيں.
    يهاں گندگى كے ڈهير هيں اور لفٹ كے پول هل گئى هيں. اگر اس كا كوئى حل نه نكالا گيا تو حادثه هو سكتا هيں.تو اس كى ذمه دار حكومت پرهو گئى.
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